Hello, everyone. I’m greatly enjoying being in the TAY neighborhood. I started writing posts in May under the blog name the 30 year backlog and was lucky enough to be granted authorship, which is awesome (thanks Zarnyx!). It’s been fun reading the comments and getting to hear from you guys and reading what you all are writing about.

I like to write about games played, games abandoned, and games I promise myself to get to. I also like music, movies, art, animation, and the absurd, so you might get the odd post about those things too.


Without further ado:

Email: americanuck77 (gmail)

PSN: AmeriCanuck77

Steam: americanuck77

Twitter: @AmeriCanuck77

Discord: AmeriCanuck77

I’m on PSN most often. Just let me know if you’re a fellow TAYer so I won’t ignore your requests. I’m new to Twitter and Discord so I apologize in advance for my mistakes!

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