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I’ve grown up with the video game industry. I was born in 1977, I can remember the arcade boom and the Atari phenomenon and implosion. I recall the Nintendo Entertainment System’s emergence and rejuvenation of home gaming. I lamented the decline and phasing out of many arcades that came about as a result.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned and played many of the consoles and handhelds and computer systems that have existed, and played numerous games along the way. I’ve lived and died and laughed and cried. Buttons were mashed and controllers nearly tossed. some games were worshiped and others barely touched. My goal here is to write about the games I love and the games I’ve owned and never played or completed. Current games will be discussed as well.

Some games I hope to revisit, and others are destined to be cast aside for good. With the commitments that work and family require, and the wide availability of games and the deals that the likes of the Humble Bundle bring, it’s even easier for games to slip beneath the radar.


I know I’ll keep on playing, though.

Currently Owned:


PS Vita / PSTV





Owned in the past:

Apple IIc

Atari 2600


Super NES


Atari Lynx

Amiga 2000

Sega Genesis/Sega CD

Sega Game Gear

Turbografx 16/Turbo CD


Various Tiger handhelds, Radio Shack electronic games, that vibrating football game, and Nintendo Game & Watches.

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