Why Haven't I Finished: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic?

Version Played: XBOX.

Unless I am in the total throes of a game, I tend to bounce between several games depending on my mood. Some games I view like my favorite meals or beverages. I’m in the mood for a certain thing at a certain time, even if it means dropping a game for awhile before picking it up again days, weeks, or months later. The opens the door to never finishing a game, but as I’ve gotten older it doesn’t nag at me as much to not finish a game. It’s more important to enjoy it for what it is even if I consume it in nibbles in bites rather than downing the entire meal. Unfortunately, this can be where games slip away into the backlog, never to be seen again.


Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first games I bought when I got an XBOX back in the day. An RPG set in the Star Wars universe and a game world that seemed vast and involved were a few of the ingredients that brewed a refreshing, exciting game experience.

So why didn’t I finish it?

The game came out at a time where I was going through a lot of changes in my life. New jobs, new environments. For the first time in my life games just weren’t as important as they were before then, or have become again now. My PS2 and XBOX began to collect dust before they were eventually packed away. It is one of the titles that if I don’t cross of my list one day then I will be disappointed with myself. About six years ago I rediscovered the joy and wonderment and I used to feel when I pressed the start button on a new game. There’s always peril in revisting games from prior generations. Some retain their status as re-playable classics. Others do not hold up well one bit at all. I hope that KOTOR will stil give me the same thrills as it did when I loaded it up a decade ago.

If I get around to it.

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